Welcome to G8HUA op Mike.  QRA IO93CR . 


 Hello , not been on much for a couple of years just the odd contact. I mainly frequent either 40 or 60 mtrs but am on 70 mhz also both SSB and FM and SSTV.

 I only have small plot so not much room for long HF wires. I have no interest whatsoever in FT8 and the like or any internet linking modes

Rigs IC-7100 , Yaesu FTM-300 [on order]

MFJ-929 auto atu HF bands

Antennas X50 ,YU1CF PA5070-11-6BG 6 & 4 mtrs ,2/70cm Yagi

HF Home brew OCF 40m - 10m 

Also 53' Long wire to 9:1 balun

Sirio vertical on 70mhz FM

Powered by HP Server psu [modified] 13.7v @98 amps

All the gear and in 2021 still very little enthusiasm 

Look forward to our QSO !

73's Mike